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ArtReview Asia Autumn 2016

ArtReview Asia Autumn 2016

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What's inside the issue?

Art Previewed
Previews, by Nirmala Devi
Points of View, by Aimee Lin, Clarissa Oon, Charu Nivedita, Paul Gladston
Maria Lind, interview by Mark Rappolt
Zhou Tiehai, interview by Aimee Lin

Art Featured
Yuko Mohri, by Mark Rappolt
An Absent Present, by Roger Nelson
Chen Shaoxiong, by Edward Sanderson
Waqas Khan, by Mark Rappolt
Kwan Sheung Chi, by Ming Lin

Art Reviewed
That Has Been, and May Be Again, by Adeline Chia
Ma Qiusha, by Edward Sanderson
Miao Ying, by Gu Ling
Chou Yu-Cheng, by Aimee Lin
Teppei Kaneuji, by Edward Sanderson
Tam Ochiai & Hiroyuki Oki, by Taro Nettleton
Yang Fudong & Bae Young-Whan, by Aimee Lin
Charles Lim, by Adeline Chia
Each Blade of Grass Each Shrub Each Tree, by Guo-Liang Tan
Degenerate Art, by Tiffany Chae
Shooshie Sulaiman, by Robert Barry
Beili Liu, by Nirmala Devi
Tromarama, by Laura Robertson
Bhupen Khakhar, by Niru Ratnam
Nasreen Mohamedi, by Joshua Mack

Human Acts, by Han Kang, reviewed by Fi Churchman
Self-organised, edited by Stine Hebert, Anne Szefer Karlsen, reviewed by Hyo Gyoung Jeon
Easternisation: War and Peace in the Asian Century, by Gideon Rachman, reviewed by Oliver Basciano
Qiu Zhijie: Unicorns in a Blueprint, edited by Defne Ayas, reviewed by Shuang Li
Pulp: A Short Biography of the Banished Book. Vol I of V, by Shubigi Rao, reviewed by Nirmala Devi
The Nakano Thrift Shop, by Hiromi Kawakami, reviewed by Louise Darblay

The Strip

Off the Record

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