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ArtReview September 2022

ArtReview September 2022

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ArtReview’s September issue features an overview of award-winning German artist Anne Imhof and ‘the smoldering trash heap of cultural citations’ that inform her performance works. Salena Barry looks at Nikita Gale’s explorations of climate-change, race, and state control. Oliver Basciano investigates the pioneering work of African-Brazilian artist Abdias do Nascimento and his Experimental Black Theatre. Also in this issue, Benoît Loiseau has a thoroughly middling time at an LGBTQ+ museum, Emmanuel Iduma looks at real and ideal projections of one of Africa’s greatest novelists and Phoebe Blatton considers why Polish women’s collectives do art fairs better. Plus extensive books and exhibition reviews from around the world.

What's inside the issue?

Art Previewed
The Interview: Rita Ackermann by Ross Simonini
Show Rooms by Phoebe Blatton
Pride of Place by Benoît Loiseau
Notes on Art and Abortion by Lauren Elkin
Positions by Emmanuel Iduma

Art Featured
Anne Imhof by Cat Kron
Abdias Nascimento by Oliver Basciano
Nikita Gale by Salena Barry
Universal Basic Artist by Pierre d’Alancaisez

Art Reviewed
Danny McDonald, by Evan Moffitt
Choreographing Politics, by Emily May
Anna Esposito, by Ben Eastham
Lucie Stahl, by Christian Egger
The past and futures of Afrofuturism, by John-Baptiste Oduor
Kim Hiørthoy, by Paige K. Bradley
Margrét H. Blöndal, by Owen Duffy
Hew Locke, by Melissa Baksh
Jeannette Ehlers, by Rodney LaTourelle
Rich-kid art, by Martin Herbert
Marinella Senatore, by Skye Sherwin
Peggy Franck, by Pádraic E. Moore
The Condition of Being Addressable, by Claudia Ross
The Future Behind Us, by Francesco Tenaglia
Giselle Beiguelman, by Oliver Basciano
Looking at art outside ‘the artworld’, by Martin Herbert
Mounira Al Solh, by Mark Rappolt
Steffi Klenz, by J.J. Charlesworth
Graphic Turn, by Juan José Santos

India: A History in Objects, by T. Richard Blurton, reviewed by Mark Rappolt
The Tribe, by Carlos Manuel Álvarez, reviewed by Oliver Basciano
If These Apples Should Fall, by T. J. Clark, reviewed by J.A. Koster
Cursed Bunny, by Bora Chung, reviewed by Fi Churchman
Against Decolonisation: Taking African Agency Seriously, by Olúfémi Táíwò, reviewed by J.J. Charlesworth
After Institutions, by Karen Archey, reviewed by Alexander Leissle

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