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ArtReview Chinese Edition Autumn 2023

ArtReview Chinese Edition Autumn 2023

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What's inside the issue?

Previews by ArtReview Asia & ArtReview Chinese Edition
WangShui, Interview by Emily McDermott
Points of View by James Waddell, Marv Recinto and Amber Husain

Art Featured
Alternative Art Schools: China, Africa, Europe, East and Southeast Asia, North America, South America
Learning to be an Artist in China: A Survey
Really Useful Knowledge by Kuba Szreder
Doryun Chung, Interview by Mark Rappolt
Jingyuan, Interview by Ren Yue
Alice Wang, Interview by Lai Fei
Su Wei, Interview by Nie Xiaoyi

Art Reviewed
John Akomfrah by Nie Xiaoyi
Ma Qiush by Zhu Ruihan
Liu Yujia by Nikita Yingqian Cai
Yu Guo by Wang Ziwei
A Bulk of Future 大把世界 by Zheng Binghui
Huang Hankang by Ren Yue
Irpan Alimjan by Wang Kaimei
Leung Chi Wo by Li Qingmei
Retrotopia. Design for Socialist Spaces by Yang Yini
Doris Salcedo by Mariacarla Molè
Daido Moriyama by Martin Herbert
Persona: A New Form of Documentary Photography 自我:新纪实摄影 by Jacob Zhicheng Zhang
The Shape of Time: Art and Ancestors of Oceania 时间的轮廓:大都会艺术博物馆的大洋洲艺术与传承 by Siyu
Nicole Eisenman by Christian Egger
Diane Severin Nguyen by Lingzi
Song Huai-Kuei by Guo Qiuzi
Maryn Varbanov and Song Huai-Kuei by Chen Jiaying
Edgar Calel by Jenny Wu
Josh Kline by Owen Duffy
Monira Al Qadiri by Pan He
Martin Wong by Dylan Huw
Hu Wei by Zhu Xiaojing
Moki Cherry by Tom Denman
To Your Eternity 至不灭的你 by Yao Boan
Li Weiyi by Nie Xiaoyi
Jafar Panahi by Zhang Hanlu

The Geometries of Afro Asia: Art Beyond Solidarity by Joan Kee, reviewed by Christopher Whitfield
Wanwu I 万物 I by Zheng Bo, reviewed by Nirmala Devi
Tang Chao: Sunset on Fingertips 唐朝:日落指尖, reviewed by Ren Yue
Yellowface by Rebecca Kuang, reviewed by Marv Recinto
Creators of Modern China: 100 Lives from Empire to Republic 1796–1912 edited by Jessica Harrison-Hall and Julia Lovell, reviewed by Yuwen Jiang
Absence by Byung-Chul Han, reviewed by Mark Rappolt
Tokyo 8m2 by Shinobu Yoshii, reviewed by Hongzhou
Between the Nation and the Artist 国家与艺术家:黄鹤楼大壁画与中国现代美术的转型 by Cai Tao, reviewed by Yang Tiange
Armed with Madness: The Surreal Leonora Carrington by Mary M. Talbot and Bryan Talbot, reviewed by Nirmala Devi


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