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ArtReview Asia Winter 2016

ArtReview Asia Winter 2016

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What's inside the issue?

Art Previewed
Previews, by Nirmala Devi
Points of View, by Hu Fang, Charu Nivedita, Alan Oei, Brian Curtin 

Art Featured
Birdhead, by Aimee Lin
Artist Project, by Birdhead
The Silence in Thai Art, by Thanavi Chotpradit
Udomsak Krisanamis, by Max Crosbie-Jones
Bosco Sodi, by Mark Rappolt
Wang Xingwei, by Nataline Colonnello
Chiang Mai, by Adeline Chia 

Art Reviewed
Setouchi Triennale, by Adeline Chia
Before the Beginning and After the End II, by Guo Juan
why the performance?, by Zhang Hanlu
London Biennale Manila Pollination, by Katrina Stuart Santiago
Kenji Yanobe, by Adeline Chia
Wook-kyung Choi, by Mark Rappolt
Tada Hengsapkul & Chai Siris, by Brian Curtin
Apichatpong Weerasethakul, by Adeline Chia
Amar Kanwar, by Tan Guo-Liang
Tadasu Takamine, by Nirmala Devi
The Propeller Group, by Sara Cluggish
Nástio Mosquito, by Mike Watson
Hiraki Sawa, by Dean Kissick
Takuro Kuwata, by Mark Rappolt
Candice Lin, by Lynton Talbot
Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook, by Gabriel Coxhead
The Asia-Pacific Centurty: Part One, by Vera Mey 

Existence: A Story, by David Hinton
Breaking Knees: Sixty-Three Very Short Stories from Syria, by Zakaria Tamer
The Exform, by Nicolas Bourriaud
[inaudible] A Politics of Listening in 4 Acts, by Lawrence Abu Hamdan
The Garden of Foolish Indulgences, by Oh Yong Hwee and Koh Hong Teng
Just for the Love of It: Popular Music in Penang 1930s–1960s, by Paul Augustin and James Lochhead             

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Off the Record

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