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ArtReview Chinese Edition Spring 2024

ArtReview Chinese Edition Spring 2024

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Art Previewed
Previews by ArtReview Asia & ArtReview Chinese Edition
Emilie L. Gossiaux, Interview by Emily McDermott
Points of View by Li Jia, Hu Dingyu, Zhang Hanlu, Natalie Olah and Iona Glen

Art Featured
Trevor Yeung by Lai Fei
Citra Sasmita by Adeline Chia
Shuang Li by Stephanie Bailey
Liu Yujia by Jiang Yiwei
Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran by Mark Rappolt
Cui Jie by Qian Shiyi

Art Reviewed
Shanghai Biennale by Mark Rappolt
New Measurement Group; Qian Weikang by Wu Jianan
Inga Svala Thorsdottir & Wu Shanzhuan by Huang Wenlong
He Xiangyu by Ren Yue
Samson Young by Chang Shanshan
Tan Jing by Wu Jianru
How Far How Close 相去几何 by Huang Yuting
Liu Chuang by Yiren Shen
Wei Qimei by Tiange Yang
Lo Lai Lai Natalie by Li Qingmei
Postscript of Silence 无声之后 by btr
Feng Junyuan by Lux Yuting Bai
Li Yuan-chia & Friends by Di Liu
Chris Oh by Wang Kaimei
Green Snake: Women-Centered Ecologies 青蛇:女性中心的生态学 by Shi Yutong
David Douard by Ren Yue
游牧在南方 by Nie Xiaoyi
Shubigi Rao by You Yiyi
Tropical: Stories from Southeast Asia and Latin America by Mark Rappolt

Books & Films
J.G. Ballard: Selected Nonfiction by J.G. Ballard, reviewed by David Terrien
The King Bows and Kills 每一句话语都坐着别的眼睛 by Herta Müller, reviewed by Gu Ling
Artists Making Books by Venetia Porter, reviewed by Nirmala Devi
Silence 沉默 by John Cage, reviewed by Fang Yan
Youth (Spring) 青春(春)by Wang Bing, reviewed by Weitian Liu
Blossoms Shanghai 繁花 by Wong Kar-wai, reviewed by Lai Fei

Creating New Connections by Chen Yun

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