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ArtReview February 2024 - Future Greats

ArtReview February 2024 - Future Greats

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The February issue of ArtReview features the 2024 edition of Future Greats, profiling the work of ten up-and-coming artists identified by more established artists from around the world and by ArtReview’s own editors for making art they find exciting and alluring, and whom they think might be offering new definitions of what art can be. Also in this issue, an interview with Jordan Wolfson, thoughts from Adam Thirlwell on the potential of autobiography to be about someone other than oneself, Chris Fite-Wassilak on institution-building in Accra, Clara Young on a beguiling new museum in Paris dedicated to Serge Gainsbourg, and Rosanna McLaughlin on the revival of Camille Paglia’s pugnacious and populist ideas by a younger generation. Plus the full complement of exhibition and book reviews from around the world, and Alien Cockroach, a new comic by Shing Yin Khor.

What's inside the issue?

Art Observed
The Interview Jordan Wolfson by Ross Simonini
Autofiction by Adam Thirlwell
Maison Gainsbourg by Clara Young
Critical Discussions by Chris Fite-Wassilak
Elite Trolling by Rosanna McLaughlin

Future Greats
Nabil Harb, by Farah Al Qasimi
Pooja Gurung & Bibhusan Basnet, by Sohrab Hura
Yuli Yamagata, by Oliver Basciano
Dana Kavelina, by Alexander Leissle
Thaweechok Phasom, by Taiki Sakpisit
Gabriel Rodríguez Pellecer, by Edgar Calel
Eoghan Ryan, by Mire Lee Derek
Tumala, by Marv Recinto
Farzaneh Forouzesh, by Shirin Neshat
Hién Hoàng, by Fi Churchman

Art Reviewed
Guest Relations, by Yuwen Jiang
Pippa Garner, by Cassie Packard
Thea Djordjadze, by Martin Herbert
Tropical, by Mark Rappolt
Matthieu Laurette, by Louise Darblay
Nora Turato, by Jasmine Reimer
Erica Eyres, by Rodney LaTourelle
Pope. L, by J. J. Charlesworth
Laure Prouvost, by Mitch Speed
Stephen Willats, by Nathalie Olah
In The Offing, by Stephanie Gavan
Ali Cherri, by Mariacarla Molè
Shezad Dawood, by David Trigg
The Reactor, by Fi Churchman
Biennale Jogja, by Adeline Chia
Ursula Reuter Christiansen, by Nanna Friiis
Laura Langer, by Gaby Cepeda
Occupied City, by Arjun Sajip
Self-Determination, by Tom Denman
Art in Saudi Arabia: A New Creative Economy? by Rebecca Anne Proctor and Alia Al- Senussi, reviewed by Mark Rappolt
The Premonition, by Banana Yoshimoto, reviewed by Fi Churchman
Alphabetical Diaries, by Sheila Heti, reviewed by Celine Nguyen
Poverty Creek Journal: On Life and Running, by Thomas Gardner, reviewed by Orit Gat
Undiscovered, by Gabriela Wiener, reviewed by J. J. Charlesworth
Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji, by Takashi Homma, reviewed by Fi Churchman

Alien Cockroach

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