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ArtReview January & February 2015

ArtReview January & February 2015

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What's inside the issue?

Art Previewed
Previews, by Martin Herbert
Points of View, by J. J. Charlesworth, Jonathan T.D. Neil, Maria Lind, Sam Jacob, Mark Sladen, Mike Watson, Andrew Berardini, Jonathan Grossmalerman & Oliver Basciano
Rimbaud on artist statements, Interview by Matthew Collings
Lauren Cornell, Ryan Trecartin & Sara O’Keeffe, Interview by Tom Eccles

Art Featured 
Mateo López, by Mark Rappolt
Colombia Is a Normal Country, by Lucas Ospina
The Devil in Cali, by Stefanie Hessler
Carlos Motta, by Andrew Berardini
Walead Beshty, by Helen Sumpter
We Need to Talk About the ’Toons, by Oliver Basciano
The Influential Generation: Mexican Women Artists from the 1970s and 80s, by Gabriela Jauregui
Varda Caivano, by Terry R. Myers
Forever Young: A Short Guide to Some Paradoxes of Contemporary Art, by Suhail Malik

Art Reviewed 
Marie Lund, by Paul Pieroni
Richard Serra, by Ben Street
Susan Hefuna, by Helen Sumpter
Art & Language, by Robert Barry
Carrie Mae Weems, by Mark Rappolt
Laura Oldfield Ford, by Sean Ashton
Willem de Rooij, by David Trigg
Jonathan Gardner, by Susannah Thompson
Kader Attia, by Orit Gat
James Ho., by David Everitt Howe
Frank Stella, by Jonathan T.D. Neil
Judith Scott, by Brienne Walsh
Klaus Lutz, by Joshua Mack
Jonas Wood, by Ed Schad
Yuri Ancarani, by Jonathan T.D. Neil
Brian Bress, by Andrew Berardini
German Pop, by Kimberly Bradley
Peter Gallo, by Sherman Sam
Beware Wet Paint, by Gesine Borcherdt
Glitch: Interference Between Art and Cinema, by Barbara Casavecchia
Pavel Büchler, by Mark Prince
Stephen Shore, by George Stolz
Hans Op de Beeck, by Sam Steverlynck
Panda Sex, by Michelangelo Corsaro
Enrique Ramírez, by Violaine Boutet de Monvel
Gabriel Lester and Haegue Yang, by Chris Fite-Wassilak
Carlos Zilio, by Claire Rigby
Miao Ying, by Iona Whittaker
Taipei Biennial: The Great Acceleration, by Aimee Lin

The Miraculous, by Raphael Rubinstein, reviewed by Laura McLean-Ferris
Lina Bo Bardi 100, edited by Andres Lepik and Vera Simone Bader, reviewed by Oliver Basciano
Cultural Capital: The Rise and Fall of Creative Britain, by Robert Hewison, reviewed by J.J. Charlesworth
Edgewise: A Picture of Cookie Mueller, by Chloé Griffin, reviewed by Helen Sumpter

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Off the Record

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