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ArtReview January & February 2017 - Future Greats

ArtReview January & February 2017 - Future Greats

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What's inside the issue?

Art Previewed
Previews, by Martin Herbert

Art Featured

Future Greats

Cameron Rowland, selected by Sohrab Mohebbi
Hayoun Kwon, selected by Victor Burgin
Zachary Cahill, selected by Dieter Roelstraete
Raphaela Vogel, selected by Philippe Pirotte
Adelita Husni Bey, selected by Mike Watson
Sandra Mujinga, selected by Kiki Mazzucchelli
Haig Aivaizan, selected by Gabriel Coxhead
Katie Schwab, selected by Ben Street
Iza Tarasewicz, selected by Oliver Basciano
June Crespo, selected by Catalina Lozano
Sophie Hirsch, selected by Yto Barrada
Kang Jungsuck, selected by Kim Sunjung

Future Imperfect, a conversation between Adam Thirwell and Pankaj Mishra
Art Reviewed
Revolt of the Sage, by Laura Smith
Alessandro Balteo-Yasbeck, by Kimberly Bradley
Painting After Postmodernism, by George Stolz
Against Nature, by Barry
Amelie von Wulffen, by Raimar Stange
Ed Atkins, by Louisa Elderton
Figurative Geometry, by Hettie Judah
Saskia Olde Wolbers, by Dominic van den Boogerd
Michaela Meise, by Fi Churchman
After the Rally, by Phoebe Blatton
Tobias Spichtig, by Aoife Rosenmeter
LUX Artists' Moving Image Festival 2016, by Orit Gat
Animality, by Gabriel Coxhead
Matthew Darbyshire, by Sean Ashton
South Africa: The Art of a Nation, by Nadia Quadmani
The Ulm Model, by Will Wiles
Hepworth Prize for Sculpture, by Joyce Dixon
Kelly Akashi, by Ciara Moloney
Concete Islands, by Jonathan Griffin
David Ostrowski and Michail Pirgelis, by Jonathan TD Neil
Loie Hollowell, by Owen Duffy
Kai Althoff, by Joshua Mack
Georgie Nettell, by David Everitt Howe
Sara Cynwar, by Bill Clarke
Edgar Orlaineta, by Kimberlee Córdova
Marcelo Cidade, by Oliver Basciano
A matriz afro e os elementos formais, by Rigby
Kenpoku Art 16, by Adeline Chia
Taipei Biennale, by Mark Rappolt
Art Life: Paris, by Louise Darblay
Here Is Information, by Ian White, reviewed by Chris Fite-Wassilak
Fantasies of the Library, ed Anna-Sophie Springer & Etienne Turpin, reviewed by Louise Darblay                
Staying with the Trouble, by Donna Haraway, reviewed by Oliver Basciano     
Animals reader, ed Filipa Ramos, reviewed by Mark Rappolt

The Strip: A new work by Tillie Walden, introduced by Paul Gravett
A Curator Writes

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