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ArtReview March 2024

ArtReview March 2024

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ArtReview’s March issue is all about playing games. From cover artist Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley’s discomfiting videogame-inflected installations, in front of which audience members are positioned as the ‘players’, to David Blandy and Jamie Sutcliffe’s collaborative artist project that takes the form of an apocalypse-survival role-playing game (have a set of dice to hand!). Meanwhile Tiffany Funk considers matters of ownership and potential in gaming technology and Dawn Chan gets nostalgic over the dreamy aesthetics of the single-player videogame The Witness. Also in this issue: Jenny Wu interviews Yto Barrada; Naama Tsabar’s smashed instruments cause Cassie Packard to consider the violences and intimacies of experiencing art; and Ross Simonini looks for Earth’s vibrational frequencies in the mud-based works of N.Dash.

What's inside the issue?


Art Observed
The Interview - Yto Barrada by Jenny Wu
Writing Practice by Adam Thirwell
Puzzling Patterns by Dawn Chan
No Fin to Be Had by Martin Herbert

Art Featured
Resident Aliens by Tiffany Funk
Weird Hope Engines Project by David Blandy and Jamie Sutcliffe
Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley by Daniel Culpan
Naam Tsabar by Cassie Packard
N. Dash by Ross Simonini

Art Reviewed
14th Shanghai Biennale, by Mark Rappolt
Lewis Brander, by Tom Morton
Eric Croes, by Digby Warde-Aldam
Louis Osmosis, by Jenny Wu
Paul Pfeiffer, by Claudia Ross
Andrew Black, by J. J. Charlesworth
Antje Majewski, by Martin Herbert
Deimantas Narkevičius, by Thomas McMullan
Meredith Monk, by Emily May
Sitting on Chrome, by Marv Recinto
Nidhal Chamekh, by Alexander Leissle
Ana Hernandez and Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste, by Allison K. Young
Douglas Gordon, by Fi Churchman
Joanna Hedva, by Cat Kron
A Model, by J. J. Charlesworth
Taipei Biennial, by Adeline Chia
Evil Does Not Exist, by Yuwen Jiang
Philosophy of the Home, by Emanuele Coccia, reviewed by Clara Young
My grandfather turned into a tiger... and other illusions, by Pao Houa Her, reviewed by David Terrien
Chronicle of an Hour and a Half, by Saharu Nusaiba Kannanari, reviewed by Deepa Bhasthi
The Corporeal Life of Seafaring, by Laleh Khalili, reviewed by Mark Rappolt
Art Exposed, by Julian Spalding, reviewed by J. J. Charlesworth
Ray’s a Laugh, by Richard Billingham, reviewed by Fi Churchman

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