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ArtReview Summer 2023

ArtReview Summer 2023

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In the Summer issue of ArtReview, Alexander Leissle profiles Cemile Sahin, an artist (and prizewinning novelist) whose research-rich work interrogates the military–industrial complex, technology and exile. Cassie Packard looks into Sung Tieu’s postconceptual practice as it addresses fracking in North America and explores ‘the hostility, violence and paranoia embedded in supposedly neutral bureaucratic spaces and architectures’. Emily McDermott speaks with WangShui about the uses of AI in painting, particularly as seen in the artist’s current solo exhibition at Shanghai’s Rockbund Art Museum. Martin Herbert writes about Jessie Homer French, whose paintings, given a prominent stage at the Venice Biennale last year, tackle politics ‘sideways’, and are inextricably suffused with grief. ArtReview’s columnists weigh in on topics ranging from Manchester’s newest arts and music space, the mistakes museums make when designing their entrances, and the diminishing returns in artistic revivals

What's inside the issue?

Art Observed
WangShui, interviewed by Emily McDermott
Revival Survival, by Martin Herbert
Lies, Damn Lies, Art History, by Louise Benson
Dramatic Entrances, by Daniel Elsea
Wedding Crashers, by Skye Arundhati Thomas 

Art Featured
Cemile Sahin, by Alexander Leissle
Sung Tieu, by Cassie Packard
Jessie Homer French, by Martin Herbert
Manchester’s New Factory, by Greg Thomas

Art Reviewed
Josh Kline, by Owen Duffy
(LA)HORDE, by Emily May
Thomas Hirschhorn, by Pádraic E. Moore
Jonas Lund, by J. J. Charlesworth
Che Lovelace, by Oliver Basciano
MAHKU, by Mateus Nunes
Magali Reus, by Orit Gat
Ndayé Kouagou, by Alexander Leissle
Cathy Pilkington, by Tom Morton
Paulina Olowska, by Gaby Cepeda
In Defense of Symbolic Value, by Martin Herbert
Ann Veronica Janssens, by Ana Vukadin
Karms Thammatat, by Salena Barry
Alberta Whittle, by Paul Pieroni
Na Mira, by Matthew Erikson
Édgar Calel, by Jenny Wu
Basma al-Sharif, by Digby Warde-Aldam
Nicole Eisenman, by Christian Egger
Maiden Voyage, by Alexandra Drexelius

Contemporary Art, by Natalie Rudd, reviewed by Mark Rappolt
Weeb Theory, edited by Jamie Sutcliffe and Petra Szemán, reviewed by Chris Fite-Wassilak
Up Against the Real, by Nadja Millner-Larsen, reviewed by Sinclair Spratley
Armed with Madness, by Mary M. Talbot and Bryan Talbot, reviewed by Nirmala Devi
Crooked Plow, by Itamar Vieira Júnior, reviewed by Oliver Basciano
Art is Magic, by Jeremy Deller, reviewed by Louise Benson


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