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ArtReview April 2023

ArtReview April 2023

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Candice Lin evinces racist conflations between biology and Asian bodies, tracing history’s tendency to recur and fold in on itself; Trajal Harrell borrows, mixes and adapts different avant-garde styles to reclaim dance as a heritage for all; Following the irony of a sculpture by Frans Krajcberg being destroyed in mob mania, his work articulates industrial devastation in eloquent sculpture; The works of Maya Lin, initially known for winning the Vietnam War Memorial competition as an undergraduate, have matured into one; Sarah Jilani investigates the colonial myth of universality at the heart of the art-repatriation debate; and in The Interview, Isabel Nolan talks about her multi-media practice through absurdism, melancholy and compensatory beauty and tenderness. Then, columns about a new line of puppy-proof Jean-Michel Basquiat rugs; Musée Picasso’s attempts to appeal to a more youthful audience; and what it means to be a woman in India today. Plus exhibition, book reviews and more...

What's inside the issue?

Art Observed
Isabel Nolan, interview by Martin Herbert
Delicate Spin, by Marv Recinto
Public/Private, by Deepa Bhasthi
Making Art Irrelevant, by J.J. Charlesworth

Art Featured
Candice Lin, by Rachel Tang
Trajal Harrell, by Evan Moffitt
Frans Krajcberg, by Oliver Basciano
Maya Lin, by Andrew Russeth
Universal Falsehoods, by Sarah Jilani

Peter Doig, by Tom Morton
|Georgia Sagri, by Despina Zefkili
Tuấn Andrew Nguyễn, by Jesper Eklund
John Kørner, by Martin Herbert
Ian Cheng, by Thomas McMullan
Swedish Ecstasy, by Pádraic E. Moore
Liz Magor, by Mitch Speed
Nina Katchadourian, by Jenny Wu
Kemang Wa Lehulere, by Matthew Blackman
Wu Tsang, by Robert Barry
Daniel Arsham, by Claudia Ross
Aria Dean, by Alexandra Drexelius
|Ser Serpas, by Cassie Packard
Sue Williamson, by Alexander Leissle
Chakaia Booker & Carol Rama, by Rebecca O’Dwyer
Braving Time, by Tai Mitsuji
Balthus, by J.J. Charlesworth
State-less, by Wenny Teo
Bollywood Superstars, by Mark Rappolt
Romantic Irony, by Andrew Russeth

Affinities, by Brian Dillon, reviewed by J.J. Charlesworth
Hit Parade of Tears, by Izumi Suzuki, reviewed by Marv Recinto
Your Love Is Not Good Enough, by Johanna Hedva, reviewed by Chris Fite-Wassilak
OK, by Michelle McSweeney, reviewed by Marv Recinto
Owlish, by Dorothy Tse, reviewed by Elaine Chiew
Space Crone, by Ursula K. Le Guin, reviewed by Kelsey Chen

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