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ArtReview Asia Autumn 2022

ArtReview Asia Autumn 2022

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What's inside the issue?

Art Previewed
Previews, by ArtReview Asia
Tribal Leaders, by Deepa Bhasthi
Afrofuturism, by John-Baptiste Oduor

Art Featured
Ho Rui An, by Adeline Chia
Universal Basic Artist, by Pierre D’Alaincasez
Thailand’s Nonprofit Spaces, by Max Crosbie-Jones
Agus Suwage, by Bianca Winataputri
Abdias Nascimento, by Oliver Basciano
Rice Brewing Sisters Club, by Annie Jael Kwan
Hong Sang-soo, by Andrew Russeth

Art Reviewed
Hew Locke, by Melissa Baksh
Hiraki Sawa, by J.J. Charlesworth
Mika Ninagawa, by Mark Rappolt
NUSA, by Lim Sheau Yun
Thasnai Sethaseree, by Max Crosbie-Jones
Eternal Spring, by Claire Cao
Ma Qiusha, by Paul Han
Mounira Al Solh, by Mark Rappolt
I Loved You, by Neha Kale
Farah Al Qasimi, by Yalda Bidshahri

Good Night, by Feng Li, reviewed by Adeline Chia
Talk to My Back, by Yamada Murasaki, reviewed by Nirmala Devi
The Making of the Modern Philippines: Pieces of a Jigsaw State, by Philip Bowring, reviewed by Marv Recinto
After Institutions, by Karen Archey, reviewed by Alexander Leissle
Translating Myself and Others, by Jhumpa Lahiri, reviewed by Deepa Bhasthi
The Tribe, by Carlos Manuel Álvarez, reviewed by Oliver Basciano
Tomb of Sand, by Geetanjali Shree, reviewed by Mark Rappolt
Tom’s Day Out, by Lai Yu Tong, reviewed by Adeline Chia

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