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ArtReview Asia Summer 2023

ArtReview Asia Summer 2023

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In the Summer issue of ArtReview Asia, Max Crosbie-Jones profiles Thai artist Som Supaparinya, whose films focus on the minutiae of precarious terrain in order to draw attention to hydropolitics, power generation, the political inertia of the Thai nation-state and the rights (and souls) of mountains, rivers and their peoples. Japanese artist Horikawa Michio’s half-century (and counting) conceptual project Mail Art by Sending Stones explores stones, rivers and outer space through the collection and posting of rocks, a practice recounted here by Tyler Coburn. Coming at stones from a different angle is the artist Lee Ufan, who speaks with French artist Claude Viallat, in a conversation moderated by Mark Rappolt, about the convergence of two strikingly parallel views of artmaking born at the same time on opposite sides of the world and in perfect isolation. Also in this issue, previews of shows from across Asia and beyond

What's inside the issue?

Art Previewed
Previews by ArtReview Asia
The Interview Lee Ufan & Claude Viallat by Mark Rappolt
Dramatic Entrances by Daniel Elsea
Wedding Crashers by Skye Arundhati Thomas
Americanese by Marv Recinto

Art Featured
Som Supaparinya by Max Crosbie-Jones
Cemile Sahin by Alexander Leissle
WangShui interview by Emily McDermott
Horikawa Michio by Tyler Coburn

Art Reviewed
Shakuntala Kulkarni, by Stephanie Bailey
Mithu Sen, by Vyshnavee Wijekumar
Shigeo Otake, by Xinjie Wang
Karms Thammatat, by Salena Barry
Lee Kit, by Christopher Whitfield
Rirkrit Tiravanija, by Mark Rappolt
Rana Begum, by Yalda Bidshahri
Ting-Tong Chang, by Alfonse Chiu
I have not loved (enough or worked), by Gok-Lim Finch
Ai Weiwei, by Wenny Teo
Aki Hassan, by Adeline Chia
Bani Abidi, by Mark Rappolt
Uncountable Time, by Max Crosbie-Jones
Hellish Gags, by Stephanie Bailey
Kyotographie 2023, by Ellen Yiwei Wang
Jasleen Kaur, by Phoebe Cripps

Absence: On the Culture and Philosophy of the Far East, by Byung-Chul Han, reviewed by Mark Rappolt
The Man in the McIntosh Suit, by Rina Ayuyang,reviewed by Yuwen Jiang
Yellowface, by Rebecca Kuang, reviewed by Marv Recinto
9 Folk Tales, edited by Rubkwan Thammaboosadee & Palin Ansusinha, reviewed by Max Crosbie-Jones
Creators of Modern China: 100 Lives from Empire to Republic 1796–1912
, edited by Jessica Harrison-Hall and Julia Lovell, reviewed by Yuwen Jiang
Wanwu I, by Zheng Bo, reviewed by Nirmala Devi
The Geometries of Afro Asia: Art Beyond Solidarity, by Joan Kee, reviewed Christopher Whitfield
The Fugitive of Gezi Park, by Deniz Goran, reviewed by Nirmala Devi

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