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ArtReview Chinese Edition Winter 2023

ArtReview Chinese Edition Winter 2023

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What's inside the issue?

Previews by ArtReview Asia & ArtReview Chinese Edition
Hiroshi Sugimoto, Interview by Lance Henderstein
Points of View by Kristina Foster, Lin Canwen and Max Crosbie-Jones

Art Featured
Han Mengyun, Interview by Lai Fei
Rirkrit Tiravanija by Jessica Lanay
Horikawa Michio by Tyler Coburn
Wang Yin by Ren Yue
Kim Beom by Andrew Russeth
Som Supaparinya by Max Crosbie-Jones
Cemile Sahin by Alexander Leissle

Art Reviewed
35th Bienal de São Paulo by Oliver Basciano
Angela Su by Tang Yifei
Voices without borders by Jasmine Reimer
With the Sun, She Quells the Night – A Tribute to Rebecca Pan by Chris Wan Feng
Michael Ho by Jialing Sun
Christian Marclay by Nirmala Devi
Voice Dispersion 分散话语 by Dong Qi
Ellen Gronemeyer by Gu Ling
Jin Qiaoer by Chen Tianqi
Ruofan Chen by Xiao Jiatan
Zhuang Hui by Zhang Yingying
Zheng Haozhong by Wang Kaimei
Steirischer Herbst 2023 by Alexander Leissle
Francesca Mollett by Zhang Jiarong
Tant Yunshu Zhong by Cindy Ziyun Huang
Back to the Future: An Exploration of Contemporaneity in Korean Contemporary Art by Andrew Russeth
signals…瞬息 by Lin Canwen

Latin American Artists: From 1785 to Now, reviewed by Oliver Basciano
The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down 要命还是要灵魂 by Anne Fadiman, translated by Tang Liming, Liu Jiantai and Yang Jiarong, reviewed by Li Zhenyu
Zhang Xiao: Community Fire 张晓:社火 by Ilisa Barbash, Zhang Xiao and Ou Ning, reviewed by Yuwen Jiang
Leaving Academia: A Practical Guide 离开学术界:实用指南 by Christopher L. Caterine, translated by He Xiaofeng, reviewed by Wang Mo
The (Im)Possibility of Art Archives and Experience in/from Asia 艺术档案(库)的可能与不可能:亚洲的理论和经验, edited by Pan Lyu and Li Jizhong, reviewed by Nie Xiaoyi
She Never Rode That Trishaw Again 她从此以后不再搭那辆三轮车了 by Sim Chi Yin, reviewed by Liu Di
‘The Space-Time Painter 时空画师' by Hai Ya, reviewed by Wang Xiaowu

From the Archives

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